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Papa My Bhudda

Recorded while Coppe’s father was in the hospital in Tokyo, Papa My Buddha reflects the highly emotional situation by constantly drifting introvert and more eruptive moments. Built around sounds recorded at Ohashi Hospital, this album sounds altogether more consistent than its predecessor. Papa… kicks off an unexpected acoustic note with the delightful Pomegranite Tears, a mellow bossa-style guitar accompanying Coppe’s delicious bitter-sweet muttering and slightly off-centre lyrics. After, it is back to normal business. Atmospheres are defined as much through complex rhythmic structures, textures and multiple vocal layers as through the words and singing. Coppe’ offers an oblique view on everything she touches. While the beautifully crafted When It Rains/Click 3, Blue, or Don’t Speak perfectly demonstrates the fragility of her music, and its strength at the same time. As her funambulist voice skillfully balances the charges of emotion., the more upfront Gerald’s Blue Dream or Kangaroo Baby reveal the more outgoing, funky side of her personality. Papa My Buddha is, more than any of her previous releases, a very personal and intimate album.

…Bruno Lasnier (themilkfactory.com)

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Track Listing – Papa My Buddha

01 – Pomegranite Tears
02 – When It Rains/Click 3 download
03 – Gerald’s Blue Dream
04 – On To New Things
05 – Silver Sea Sick
06 – Kangaroo Baby download
07 – Blue download
08 – Don’t Speak
09 – N43
10 – Incubate
11 – Bones & Ashes