20rpm coppé

Feat. Plaid / ATOM™ /
Kettel + Secede / Christ. and more.


GUEST :: nanonum


his process of making music is almost like a battle …
sounds of glitch pieces + granular noise produced from max/msp + reaktor, synthesized sounds made from clavia + machinedrum all get ransacked on top of his algorithm + polyrhythm beats .

contributed music for award winning decomposition system records called creative commands compilation data , recommended work by the review board of the Agency for Cultural Affairs media art festival , for coppé cd + usb releases , also collaborated with a female electronic musician cokiyu .

nanonum’s long awaited 1st . ep ” NNNMNMNL ” will b released from a digital label +MUS .
+ also will b providing his music + remixes in the future .


coppe’ in a pill


: contains …. coppe’ live video shot by sutekh / 1 hour mega mix of coppe’s music by atom tm / previously unreleased tracks + kettel’s selection of coppe’s back catalogue best 20 !!!
this is a : must have ! : limited edition pill-shaped USB :)