20rpm coppé

Feat. Plaid / ATOM™ /
Kettel + Secede / Christ. and more.



Produced by Nico, founder of drum’n’bass label No U Turn, and Dij, one half of Signal To Noise and React To Rhythm, aka The Program, this album offers more upbeat is as intricate, moments. After a short piano intro, the album starts off with the progressive break beat of Mercury and the excellent Monkey On Fire. Here, Coppe’ retreats to let The Program take control of the sonic landscape for a while. She returns to the forefront on I Love You, I Strangle You, but here again, Nico and Dij hold the fort in style. As the album progresses, there are insights on jazz (73), complex ambient pop (U Chronik Me) or cartoon-esque drum’n’bass (Kangaroo Baby). The album comes to a close with the introvert Watch Radio and Farewell, where Coppe’ returns to her classical roots with a superb piece of romantic piano.

…Bruno Lasnier (themilkfactory.com)


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Track Listing – Mercury

01 – Piano Intro
02 – Mercury listen|download
03 – Monkey On Fire
04 – I Love You, I Strangle You
05 – 73 Remix
06 – U Chronik Me listen|download
07 – Kangaroo Baby listen|download
08 – Don’t Speak
09 – Watch Radio
10 – Farewell