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New album - Fi-lamente


Release date – 7.7.7

The title of Coppé’s eleventh album is very much a reflection on the role she assumes in her own work. In the hand of her many collaborators, she turns their beats and sounds into vibrant sonic artifacts. Her voice, in turn soft as a whisper or urgent as a primal scream, blows over sweeping soundtracks, quirky pop songs or mysterious space-age ballads, assimilating everything from jazz, drum’n’bass and electro to techno and classical, yet sounding irresistibly like nothing else.

Fi-lamenté follows the bumper thirty four track double album released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her imprint, Mango & Sweet Rice. She has once again teamed up with a handful of regulars, including Plaid, who deliver a beautiful revised version of last year’s Lavender Oil, and Mickey The Cat, caught here crafting two different pieces, first with the subtly groovy Alien Mermaid, then with the more hectic Chrysanthemum E. Also present are Legofriendly, who devises a colorful playground for Undisclosed Destination, and Kettel who, at the helm of Nicola, crafts one of the highlights of this album.

black watermelon – produced by ariel – download
fly me to the moon – w/ atom – download
nicola – produced by kettel – download

Based in her native Tokyo once again, after she returned from a few years away in Arizona and Hawaii a couple of years ago, Coppé has been making music from an early age. Her first self-titled album was released in 1999, and since, she has delivered records with incredible regularity. She is also an avid stage performer. She toured the UK and Europe for the first time in 2006 with audiovisual outfit Lightrhythm.

But Coppé thrives best when she confronts her ideas with new collaborators. With Atom™, she revisits the Sinatra classic Fly Me To The Moon. The idea of the song came after she fell in love with a version of Night & Day he posted on Atom’s Myspace page and got in touch. They started exchanging tracks via emails, and Atom eventually suggested they both work on the song. Their version, re-titled Fly Me 2 The Mooooooon, takes the title of the song pretty literally as they wrap syncopated beats and twisted electronic noises around a laidback jazz piano. Later on, Coppé lays her characteristically sweet and sour vocals over the chilled tones of Just Want 2 B Me, powered by Krautiopharm, another Myspace encounter. On Bristol Rain, she flutters around the broken beats and delicate textures assembled by Bristol-based guitarist and producer Fred Moth on board, then she gets lost in the mist of the ambient I Live In The Lava Lamp before Addictive TV turn her into a disco diva on 3:30 and Parker & Dight create a wonderfully haunting jewel of a pop song on I Turn.

Coppé has always been unique and unclassifiable, and this album is yet another testament of her thirst for creativity, her passion for making music and her desire to work with the most interesting people around. Welcome to tomorrow!