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New album - Fi-lamente

Release date – 7.7.7

The title of Coppé’s eleventh album is very much a reflection on the role she assumes in her own work. In the hand of her many collaborators, she turns their beats and sounds into vibrant sonic artifacts. Her voice, in turn soft as a whisper or urgent as a primal scream, blows over sweeping soundtracks, quirky pop songs or mysterious space-age ballads, assimilating everything from jazz, drum’n’bass and electro to techno and classical, yet sounding irresistibly like nothing else.

Fi-lamenté follows the bumper thirty four track double album released to celebrate the tenth anniversary of her imprint, Mango & Sweet Rice. She has once again teamed up with a handful of regulars, including Plaid, who deliver a beautiful revised version of last year’s Lavender Oil, and Mickey The Cat, caught here crafting two different pieces, first with the subtly groovy Alien Mermaid, then with the more hectic Chrysanthemum E. Also present are Legofriendly, who devises a colorful playground for Undisclosed Destination, and Kettel who, at the helm of Nicola, crafts one of the highlights of this album.

black watermelon – produced by ariel – download
fly me to the moon – w/ atom – download
nicola – produced by kettel – download


9+10 = 10th Anniversary


Liberally splattered over two heaving discs, this double album from “singer, sound artist and virtuoso player of the meat grinder” Coppe! is a collaboration rich concoction that features appearances from Q-bert, Vadim, Nobukazu Takemura, Mickey The Cat and Kettel. Displaying acute aural-ADD, Coppe! rattles through styles and genres with an alarming alacrity – barely giving you chance to register what’s happening before you’re onto the next course. Opening with the Terminal 11 guesting ‘Bird’s Midair Heatstroke’, Coppe! (exclamation mark obligatory) serves a platter of beatific sound-washes atop some ‘Girl/Boy’-esque skitter beats, with the resultant combo a fluffy-pink milkshake given a shot of carbonated vodka. Barely pausing for breath, we then get dealt the Morricone homage of ‘R.D.J’, take a stroll through Kid Loco’s orchard on the Takemura collaboration ‘Why Is The What’, before hitting the s-c-r-atch club with hip-hop head Q-bert (‘Circumcision Of The Eyes’). With other ports of call including minimal-tech (‘Tokyo Sick’), delicate piano compositions (‘My Tears Become Lavender Oil’), and electro-torchsongs (‘Pork Injection’), Coppe! somehow manages to run a cohesive thread throughout – resulting in a jam-packed double that sounds like a ‘Best Of’. Coppe! a load of this…

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lavender oil listen | download
eat my green martian poo poo roo listen | download
why is the what listen | download

9 + 10 = 10th. anniversary !
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