20rpm coppé

Feat. Plaid / ATOM™ /
Kettel + Secede / Christ. and more.



A very fresh take on downtempo electronica, VAD features Coppe’ with DJ Vadim, Terry D., Mark B., Hifana, and Radar. VAD, the title track, starts off with an acoustic melodic sample before Coppe’ enters with a tasty melody and Vadim’s signature beats. Throughout this album we get a flavor of Coppe’s astrosugary melodious vocal style fused with hip hop masters such as Vadim, Mark B. and Hifana.

…Dr. Jacobson


Track Listing – VAD

A1 – VAD
A2 – Blue
A3 – Miso
A4 – VAD
B5 – Vicohico
B6 – Mark B.B.B. Gun
B7 – Nocturne of the Butterfly