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Kettel + Secede / Christ. and more.


9+10 = 10th Anniversary


Liberally splattered over two heaving discs, this double album from “singer, sound artist and virtuoso player of the meat grinder” Coppe! is a collaboration rich concoction that features appearances from Q-bert, Vadim, Nobukazu Takemura, Mickey The Cat and Kettel. Displaying acute aural-ADD, Coppe! rattles through styles and genres with an alarming alacrity – barely giving you chance to register what’s happening before you’re onto the next course. Opening with the Terminal 11 guesting ‘Bird’s Midair Heatstroke’, Coppe! (exclamation mark obligatory) serves a platter of beatific sound-washes atop some ‘Girl/Boy’-esque skitter beats, with the resultant combo a fluffy-pink milkshake given a shot of carbonated vodka. Barely pausing for breath, we then get dealt the Morricone homage of ‘R.D.J’, take a stroll through Kid Loco’s orchard on the Takemura collaboration ‘Why Is The What’, before hitting the s-c-r-atch club with hip-hop head Q-bert (‘Circumcision Of The Eyes’). With other ports of call including minimal-tech (‘Tokyo Sick’), delicate piano compositions (‘My Tears Become Lavender Oil’), and electro-torchsongs (‘Pork Injection’), Coppe! somehow manages to run a cohesive thread throughout – resulting in a jam-packed double that sounds like a ‘Best Of’. Coppe! a load of this…

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9 + 10 = 10th. anniversary !
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