featuring kit clayton ! cai murphy ! henry collins ! luna 9 ! ariel gross ! jilk ! peter slade ! mickey the cat ! takachie ! hilothoshi ! tone. ! nanonum !

as Twerk states … : VOID isn't just an album, it's an adventure : !!!


Mango + Sweetrice Records : MSR015


takachie has been w/ mango + sweet rice from when coppé relocated her studio back 2 japan
in around 2005 or so …. since then , he has produced tracks for her : 9 + 10 = 10th . anniversary : /
artificial insemination + rays as well as her 2 different usb releases . 1 of his highlight tracks called
: yogurt : was remixed by various artists in uk + was released by bit phalanx label in london .


Being involved to exhibitions, movies and fashion shows,
hilothoshi is one of those highly anticipated talents building it's career as a sound designer.
Whoever messes around with him will ultimately gets soaked into his smartness and deep elegant universe.


tone.'s profession is diverse … he's a P.A.+ recording engineer
for underground music scenes here in japan including .
he also performs live with his dubious looking glasses
which he says he can see the entire universe with ...


his process of making music is almost like a battle ...
sounds of glitch pieces + granular noise produced from max/msp + reaktor,
synthesized sounds made from clavia + machinedrum all get ransacked on top of his algorithm + polyrhythm beats .

contributed music for award winning decomposition system records called creative commands compilation data ,
recommended work by the review board of the Agency for Cultural Affairs media art festival ,
for coppé cd + usb releases , also collaborated with a female electronic musician cokiyu .




believe it or not ...

this phantom-like label mango + sweetrice : will be 20 years old in 2015 !

the queen bee of this illusionary label from mars … ??? coppé – seems like an android … almost ...

keeps on ticking clicking creating her own universe + charming various artists + heavyweights way beyond her music + design + fashion world ...

after producing 2 different usb sticks : coppé in a pill : in the shape of a capsule + : coppé in a bloc : in the shape of a lego block, + to follow 'em a best-of album called : coppé who ? aloha from mars : … 17 carefully chosen

original tracks compiled from her 14 albums and released as a sampler.

amazing collaborators, including plaid / atom ™ / vadim / Qbert / kettel / tipsy / kris "thrash" weston ( ex. the orb ) + nikakoi.

this new release : VOID : is her 15th release from mango + sweet rice, via uk label bit phalanx.

this time it's a full cd + a 5-inch mini vinyl – every copy carefully cut down from a 7-inch vinyl at a uk plant. the opening track is by another genius producer kit clayton + apart from jilk ( bit phalanx ) / henry collins ( aka shitmat ) / luna 9 ( nikakoi's son ) , they r all familiar producers around the sweetrice family + definitely coppé s favorites :)

why all white … ?
why : VOID : … ?
u might find hidden clues if u dive in ...

  • the creator of an inimitablele cosmos of sound , a unique universe that no one but coppé is capable of crafting … musical mantras to fill any void with other worldliness .
    chris mosdell
  • it's the soundtrack for my inner ANIME about world of soundcreatures and noisemonsters in LOVE! super as usual!!!
  • It's a very nice record again, who produced this? Sounds really good. How do you always come up with these producers? : )
  • 'Another exceptional musical outing from the eccentric superstar Martian vocalist. Coppe digs deep here on her 15th album release to weave us further classic songs and soundscapes drawn from her earthbound experiences here and off world futuristic past.'
    plaid : andy
  • Coppe's vast landscape of electronics and voice is a sounds explorer's delight. Her voice haunts as it winds its way through the complex rhythms and rich textures, breaking apart genres into a thousand delicious fragments.
    kit clayton
  • I'm always amazed at the diversity Coppe manages to squeeze into a single album. But perhaps even more amazing is the way it all seems to naturally fit together as a wonderful journey through her mind. VOID isn't just an album, it's an adventure.
  • once again …. this album is like a jewelry box ! super congratulations on your new release !!! listening to silky + tender coppé singing … i notice my eyes filled with tears …
    Juicy (HIFANA)
  • wow … it's your 15th . release … already … ???
    i have noticed some tracks which i got 2 performing with u before + made me emotional deep inside.
    every record u release , your music , your lyrical space + your ideas always amazes me + knock me out w/ this virgin experience like i've never tasted before … + moreover …
    the most respect i have toward u is your attitude of always tackling w/ the most forward-thinking fresh approach 2 create your un-copyable music universe .
    … on this release i see kit clayton's name who i had an honor to perform together on the same bill when i was w/ indope … maybe this album has traveled around this universe for 10 times + came back matured perfectly . i look forward 2 be performing w/ u again !!!
    dj. kensei
  • On this full cd + a 5 inch vinyl (!) combo set release called VOID, I found this good old name on the credit list; Kit Clayton! A man I invited to Japan for the very first time with Pole many years ago, and the album opens with a track produced by him.
    As Coppe's 15th CD 'Void' opens, I was swept away with nostalgia by this master programmer's sonic universe once again.
    Sometimes deep. Sometimes soft + easy, but never settling anywhere or belonging to anybody, Coppe's pure sound universe makes for essential listening.
    I can't repeat this enough: coppé s music is always coherent, solid and absolutely brilliant !
    masaaki hara